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Jade Mountain Resort St. Lucia

These days, the word ‘resort’ conjures up images of European vacation destinations, white-sand beaches and luxury accommodations. If you’re anything like us, then you might think that a life of adventure would mean that you could go to some far-off place where no one else has ever been before. However, this isn’t the case at all at the Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia. This is a small beachfront town on the north coast of Trinidad and Tobago with a lovely historic feel to it. It is a perfect base for getting away from it all and exploring new places! The facility offers Travelodge-style hotels in various locations around the town with their own mini-market, restaurants and bars. These hotels are ideal for those who want to venture into new environments but don’t want to commit to somewhere permanent. For example, if you are looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing for your summer holiday then this might be right for you! The hotel rooms here are comfortable enough that you can stay over as many as you like but not so small that it feels claustrophobic or stuffy. What we loved about this facility was that it was affordable too! You won’t pay thousands of dollars for this kind of accommodation so there is something very appealing about it too!

What to expect when you visit Jade Mountain Resort St. Lucia

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing and exotic place to stay while you’re in the area then Jade Mountain Resort St. Lucia is the place you should visit. It is located on the beautiful north coast of Trinidad and has a range of both indoor and outdoor accommodations. The facility has its own mini-market, restaurants and bars, so there are plenty of ways to keep busy while you’re staying there. You can also head to nearby beaches and the rainforest for some outdoor activities. You can also explore the local culture by visiting one of the local museums or even go for a walk along the beach. The town of St. Lucia is welcoming and interesting, and many visitors choose to stay here while they explore the region.

How to get there: Take the Microwave Train

First, you’ll need to take the Microwave Train from Port-of-Spain to Mayaro. This is a very comfortable and quick way to get to Mayaro. Once in Mayaro, you can then take a taxi to the Jade Mountain Resort. You can also take a bus from Port-of-Spain to Mayaro, but it may take longer. If you’re planning to visit during the rainy season (October to May), then you should be careful about the roads that you take, as they can be very slippery. If you want to visit when the sun is shining, then you should visit during the dry season. The area around Jade Mountain Resort St. Lucia is very beautiful and you’ll find lots of activities to keep you busy. There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do on the north coast, such as snorkeling at beautiful coral reefs, hiking through the rainforest, fishing, water sports, swimming, and exploring the many beaches. There are also many attractions that you can visit while you’re in the area. The capital city of Port-of-Spain is only a short distance away and has plenty of attractions of its own, such as museums and galleries, markets, and shopping centers. Once you’ve explored the area, you can then head to the southern coast, where you’ll find plenty of popular beaches.

Dining Experience

There are plenty of options for dining out in this area. You can try some local food, or you can go for some more Western food. There are plenty of restaurants and bars available, so you’re sure to find something that you like. Alternatively, if you want to cook for yourself, then the on-site kitchen is available for your use. Whether you go for a Western or local meal, there is a good chance that it will be delicious.

The accommodation at Jade Mountain Resort St. Lucia

There are several different types of accommodation that you can choose from, depending on your needs and budget. Some of the available options include;

- Standard Rooms - There are standard rooms available, which can sleep up to four people. These rooms have a double bed, a ceiling fan, a small refrigerator, a small table and chairs and a private toilet.

- Standard Rooms with Shared Bathroom - Some of the standard rooms have shared bathrooms, which can be very useful for large groups of people staying in the same facility. - Standard Rooms with Private Bathroom - There are also standard rooms that have their own private bathrooms, so you don’t have to wait for someone else to finish in the bathroom. These rooms are ideal for couples.

- Deluxe Rooms - There are also a number of deluxe rooms that are available. These rooms have an en-suite bathroom, a king-size bed, ceiling fan, a mini-refrigerator, a table and chairs, a TV, and a private toilet.

- Deluxe Rooms with Shared Bathroom - There are also deluxe rooms with shared bathrooms, which are ideal for couples.

- Deluxe Rooms with Private Bathroom - Finally, there are deluxe rooms that have their own private bathrooms. These rooms are ideal for single travelers or couples.