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Tongabezi Lodge in Simonga - Zambia

The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel is a luxury resort with some of the finest views in general, and its spa/lodge in particular, that you will find anywhere. It’s also home to one of the most beautiful golf courses in all of Southern Africa. The lodge itself is an 18-hole combination course that has it's own bar and restaurant, along with a kids club where kids can learn to play along with their parents. The compound itself is set into a hillside where you can take in stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area and then relax on the cool stone floors of your suite. You can either stay at The Amberleigh or Standard rooms (rooms 10-14). Both have air conditioning, Wifi internet access and private bathrooms which are situated off the main building so there’s plenty of privacy to explore. There’s also a kitchen for you to make your own food if you want to go out for some quality pheasant Berkshire beer! As far as amenities go, both The Amberleigh and Standard have rooftop terraces where you can watch the afternoon lights come up, while Standard has an outdoor pool/gym which guests can use during their stay or just return to below ground level if they’d like to swim underwater!

The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel

This three-night stay at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel was the highlight of our entire Zambian tour. We were so excited to taste true African cuisine and travel to Africa’s most beautiful country. We visited places like Lake Mbare, the Kruger National Park and spent time in some of the most stunning places in all of Zambia, from the Kruger National Park to the Northernmost parts of the country. The hotel is set in a cliff-top gutter on the banks of Lake Mbare popular with sealers and anglers, yet it’s also a charming, charming place to stay. We loved the quaintness of the hotel, the beautiful gardens and the view of the surrounding mountains across the room. There’s also a huge pool with a spa where you can relax after your trekking in Lake Mbare.

The bungalows at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel

The bungalows at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel are a beautiful and luxurious way to start your Zambian tour. Each bungal was beautiful, with private bathrooms and overlooking a charming garden. The design of the bungalows is so original and bizarre that it’s even more unusual to walk into and out of each one.

The Amberleigh Bungalows

The Amberleigh bungalows are a select group of five luxury bungalows with a private bathroom and outdoor pool located at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel. Guests at The Amberleigh can enjoy access to a shared lounge and kitchen where you can make your own food and drink as well as have a lot of fun with friends, family or work colleagues. There’s also a kids’ club where kids can learn to cook and play along with their parents.

The Standard Bungalows

Standard bungalows at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel are large and airy with king-sized beds and a large living room. The bungalows also come with an outside pool area where you can relax and maybe even chill out with a book or two as you wait for your next flight out.

The Platsstay Bungalows

All of The Platsstay bungalows at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel are large and luxurious, with private bathrooms and everything you need for a complete romantic getaway. The bungalows also come with a large deck, making for some stunning views of Lake Mbare and nearby mountains.

The Bunga Bunga Resort

Bunga Bunga Resort is a luxurious family-run resort in the Kruger National Park, Zambia’s northernmost national park. You’ll find bungalows For The Bunga Bunga, Bunga Bunga Estate, Bunga Bunga Apartments, Bunga Bunga Residence, and Bunga Bunga Resort at this hotel. The bungalows are luxurious and designed with style and comfort in mind, but still, retain the old-world charm that makes this place so interesting.

Bunga Bunga Apartments

Bunga Bunga Apartments is the complete opposite of the bungalows we’ve seen so far. This is a studio/lounge version of the bungalows at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel. There’s a private lounge with a TV/DVD and a private bathroom with a shower, however, there’s also a washer and dryer.

Bunga Bunga Residence

Bunga Bunga Residence is a large, luxurious Italianate-style house in Kruger National Park, Zambia’s Northernmost national park. The house is more than just a place to stay; it’s a world apart from the rest of the bungalows at The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel. This house has a warm and cozy atmosphere, and large private gardens and is exactly what you need to relax and unwind after a long day in the Kruger National Park.


The Zambian tour is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a variety of cultures, enjoy one of the most stunning views in all of Africa and learn more about one of the most ancient and fascinating cultures in the world. Besides that, you’ll also be able to sample some delicious food and drink at some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Now that you’ve seen what The Zambian Zanzibar Sands Hotel has to offer, it’s time to book your flight and get ready for another amazing vacation!